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Snake venom case

Youtuber Elvish Yadav arrested in snake venom case

Elvish Yadav Arrest: Elvish Yadav, a Youtuber was initially arrested for allegedly arranging snake venom at a party, but later admitted not to involvement.

Youtuber Elvish Yadav arrested in snake venom case

Elvish Yadav was detained at first for allegedly arranging snake venom at a party, but he later admitted to not being involved. According to an officer, Yadav, a producer of films, is charged with allegedly using snake venom as a drug at rave parties in Noida.


The police source's Monday allegations that Elvish Yadav has admitted to his misdeeds are likewise refuted by the latest report. Bigg Boss fame Elvish Yadav denied the crime during questioning. But the data is overwhelming. His intention was to demonstrate his "Fame" or "Rutwa."


The police inquiry also turned up 20 millilitres of five cobras, a rat snake, a python, and two snakes with venom that were being used in over six parties, according to police sources. According to those doing the inquiry, he went to several of them. After his name appeared in the controversy for more than a few months, An officer has confirmed that individuals who attended the events in question are being identified and will be taken to court for using snake venom. The jar had an international market value aprox 16 to 17 crore. After decades of study, scientists have discovered many advantages to human health when using snake venom medicinally.


After discovering nine poisonous snakes, including cobras, in Elvish and five other people's hands, Noida Police officially filed a complaint against them on November 3, 2023. At purportedly unlawful raves, these snakes and their venom were employed. YouTuber Elvish Yadav has been charged by a non-governmental group connected to BJP MP Maneka Gandhi of using medicines and snake venom to create films starring animals and of hosting unapproved parties. This claim led to a lawsuit being filed against Elvish Yadav. Five people who identified Elvish Yadav as the mastermind were apprehended following an undercover operation. Subsequently, on March 17, 2024, Elvish Yadav and five other people were taken into custody for allegedly preparing snake venom at rave events in contravention of the Wild Life (Protection) Section 120A and Act, 1972  of the Indian Penal Code, which addresses criminal conspiracy. Yadav admitted to planning the snake venom after the authorities held them for 14 days.


YouTuber Elvish Yadav has been shifted to the high security cell of Luxor Jail. According to reports, the case is being investigated and more names will be revealed soon. Arrests will also be made. Police are examining the video.