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About Bru times

About Brutimes

Bru Times is India's first Ad free news organization, which provides independent and factual news coverage worldwide. It is an independent digital No Ad news platform dedicated to factual reporting. Find national and international news about politics, business, entertainment, sports, science & tech, Lifestyle, social, and others.


Our purpose is not to provide you the ads but to provide you a story with the facts.


Our mission is to provide reliable, fact-based, and impartial international reporting. Our goal is to assist citizens in addressing the most important problems in their lives. We are the truth-seekers, the protectors, and the trailblazers.


Our commitment to thorough and rigorous analysis is well-respected and well-noted. We're a platform where voices are heard, stories are shared, and realities are revealed—we're more than just a news network.


This is a people's platform where anyone is free to write his/her thoughts or become a jounalist by delivering a fact based news story. You may write to contact@brutimes.com

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