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Dr. Ravi Jayaram discover the UK nurse who killed 7 new borns

Dr. Ravi Jayaram discover the UK nurse who killed 7 new borns
Dr. Ravi Jayaram and Killer Lucy Letby

Ravi Jayaram, an Indian-origin doctor who assisted in the arrest of a UK nurse accused of killing seven neonates

A consultant pediatrician at the Countess of Chester Hospital, named Dr. Ravi Jayaram, caught a UK nurse who killed 7 newborn babies at the hospital.


Dr. Ravi Jayaram is an Indian-origin doctor who has worked in the National Health Service for over ten years. He also worked well during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, Dr. Ravi worked as a hero in the investigation to expose Lucy Letby, a nurse in the United Kingdom.


On Friday, the United Kingdom witnessed a chilling court trial in which Lucy Letby was found guilty of killing 7 newborn babies and charged with attempting to murder 6 other children. 


Why did she kill those babies? 


Lucy Letby, who worked as a nurse at the Countess of Chester Hospital, killed babies using various methods, including injecting air and insulin into their bloodstreams. There is no exact answer as to why she killed them, but during the trial, prosecutors said that she believed she was a god and had completely lost control. However, she told her colleagues that the deaths were due to natural causes. An official stated that her mental health was not in good condition. The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) provided evidence of all the methods she used to kill the babies.



What is the Mystery behind Dr. Ravi Jayaram's investigation to expose Lucy Letby?


Mr. Ravi said that concerns began to arise after the murder of three newborn babies in 2015. He found that the reason behind the deaths of these babies was not natural; there was some fault. He started raising questions to the hospital administration officials, but nobody took it seriously. After Lucy Letby killed more babies, he started his investigation to find the person behind the whole game. Dr. Ravi Jayaram, a seasoned neonatologist, noticed some inconsistencies in the medical reports, so he started checking CCTV footage and camera recordings with the help of the police. And hence she was arrested at 2018 and then subsequently charged in the year of 2020.



Ravi Jayaram played the role of a hero for our society as he raised his voice to expose the mystery behind these deaths. He took up the name of doctors and taught a lesson about what our duty is.