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Security breach in the Parliament on 22nd Attack Anniversary

Security under scrutiny as investigation unfolds in the parliament when two young men jump inside the chambers and disrupts Lok Sabha, causing chaos and brief adjournment

Security breach in the Parliament on 22nd Attack Anniversary

On December 13th, chaos unfolded in Parliament when two young men abruptly breached security in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament. Shouting slogans and releasing colored gas, they jumped into the house from the visitor's gallery, causing a serious interruption during the session. The motive and organizational ties of the intruders remain unclear. Consequently, both houses were adjourned for a brief period and the incident is under investigation.


The intruders hid canisters in their shoes, revealing them in the gallery to spray yellow-coloured smoke from the canisters. In the footage, they could be seen jumping around from one table to another, advancing towards the well of the House, shouting slogans such as “tana shahi nahi chalegi.” Members and MPs attempted to get hold of them. Eventually, they were caught by the security officials. Police detained two individuals inside the parliament and two outside when they were seen creating a nuisance outside the premises. Their canisters and other belongings have been seized by the authorities as of now. Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan have been identified among the intruders inside the chambers.


These two individuals weren't the sole disruptors in the chambers; reports suggest a total of six people, both inside and outside the building, played a role in creating disturbances. This facilitated the unhindered execution of the protest by the two young men inside the Parliament.


According to BJP MP Rajendra Agarwal, the initial impression was that someone was falling from the visitor's gallery. However, it became clear that it was a deliberate act when the other man joined, and both began spraying smoke in the chambers.


A notable aspect is that this breach coincided with the 22nd anniversary of a lethal attack on India's Parliament in 2001, resulting in the tragic demise of 14 people, including 5 attackers.


One of the intruders who jumped into the chambers had his visitor’s pass issued under the name of BJP MP Pratap Simha. Following this incident, Om Birla took action by cancelling all existing entry passes for MPs and their assistants. Simultaneously, he directed a halt to the issuance of visitor passes for the Lok Sabha. Although he expressed concern over the security breach, emphasizing its serious nature, he declared the smoke from the canisters harmless after a preliminary investigation.