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Mass Shooting at Central Prague University

Prague university shooting: Czech Republic’s worst mass shooting sees a 24-year-old gunman open firing

Mass Shooting at Prague's Charles University

On Thursday, a tragic incident unfolded in the Czech Republic, marking the country's deadliest mass shooting. The assailant, identified as 24-year-old student David Kozak from Prague's Charles University, has been suspected of starting his rampage by possibly murdering his father. Subsequently, he targeted his classmates at random, resulting in 14 fatalities and over 20 individuals sustaining injuries.


David Kozak lived in a village almost 20 km outside Prague. H has been described as an outstanding student studying Polish history, and had no previous criminal record, according to Prague Police chief Martin Vondrasek. While details about the shooter were limited, Vondrasek mentioned that the assailant had suffered severe injuries during the incident. It remained unclear whether Kozak took his own life or was fatally shot by law enforcement during an exchange of gunfire.


The police issued an arrest warrant for David Kozak, who reportedly drew inspiration from a "terrible event abroad." Despite the chaotic situation, authorities found no evidence suggesting the involvement of an accomplice.


The horrifying event prompted a swift response from armed police, who rushed to Charles University in Prague. Witnesses reported seeing the assailant firing from the roof of the university's faculty of arts, situated in the heart of Prague's renowned center. The area surrounding the scene was cordoned off by numerous police cars and officers equipped with machine guns.


A news briefing was scheduled for 11 am in Prague on Friday, where further details about the incident were expected to be provided by law enforcement.