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Madhya Pradesh: Man Wanting a Daughter, Kills His Newborn Son

In a state of intoxication, a man purportedly murdered his newborn son, driven by his disappointment over not having a daughter

Madhya Pradesh: Man Wanting a Daughter, Kills His Newborn Son

Instances of brutal killings of baby girls by their own families are unfortunately not uncommon in the news. However, a recent case in Madhya Pradesh has taken a disturbing turn, as a man allegedly killed an innocent baby boy simply because he was disappointed and had hoped for a daughter. This shocking incident highlights the alarming levels of absurdity that the Indian society is currently witnessing. The deeply rooted societal expectations and preferences for gender, leading to such extreme actions, underscore the urgent need for addressing and challenging these harmful norms.


In a shocking incident reported from Betul district in Madhya Pradesh, a man, believed to be under the influence of alcohol, committed the heinous act of murdering his newborn son. The motive behind this disturbing crime left many astonished, as it was revealed that the man killed the infant simply because he desired a daughter.


As per reports, Anil Uikey from Bajjarwada village, severely intoxicated, physically assaulted his wife. During the altercation, he forcibly took the 12-day-old child from her. The woman sustained significant injuries and subsequently left the premises.


The couple, who already had two sons, held expectations for a daughter when the wife conceived for the third time. However, those hopes were shattered when she gave birth to another son. On the tragic day, he forcibly took the baby from his wife and committed the murder inside their dwelling. The heinous act came to light when the man's wife returned to the house.


The village is within the jurisdiction of Kotwali Police Station. Ashish Singh Pawar, the in-charge of the station, stated that the accused has been apprehended and has admitted to committing the crime. The police observed visible strangulation marks on the infant's neck. Despite the evident cause of death being strangulation, officials have decided to conduct a post-mortem examination of the body. The man is currently in custody and is scheduled to appear in court shortly.