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CEO mother kills her own 4-year-old

Goa police have arrested Suchana Seth, the CEO of a startup, on charges of murdering her 4-year-old son

CEO mother kills her own 4-year-old

Regrettably, there has been a rise in murder cases over the past few years, and it is distressing to witness the increasing severity of these incidents. In a particularly shocking event, Suchana Seth, a 39-year-old startup founder and CEO of Mindful AI Lab in Bengaluru, has been accused of committing the murder of her four-year-old son in a service apartment located in North Goa's Candolim.


The woman accused in the case is originally from West Bengal and has been residing in Bengaluru, while her husband, who hails from Kerala, is currently in Jakarta, Indonesia.


The alarming crime was uncovered when a housekeeping staff member found a bloodstain while cleaning the apartment that Suchana Seth had recently vacated. The motive behind the crime is still under investigation. After an alert from the Goa Police, Suchana was apprehended in Karnataka's Chitradurga district. A police team from Calangute is currently en route to secure her custody and transport her back to Goa.


The murder took place at a hotel in Candolim, situated in the coastal belt of North Goa. The motive behind the crime is still to be determined, as stated by Superintendent of Police (North Goa), Nidhin Valsan.


The CEO mother purportedly committed the crime of killing her son in the coastal city and subsequently escaped to Bengaluru, carrying the child's body in a bag. The Goa Police collaborated with the staff of the Goa hotel where the woman had been staying and coordinated with the Karnataka Police to locate and apprehend the CEO.


In a rush, the woman urgently asked the hotel staff to arrange a taxi for her journey to Bengaluru. Despite the receptionist suggesting a more cost-effective and quicker option of traveling by flight, she insisted on-road travel.


Against the receptionist's advice, the CEO's insistence led to the booking of a taxi, and she departed with a briefcase. Following her departure, the room attendant entered the living quarters she had occupied and observed blood-stained pieces of cloth on the floor. This revelation prompted the hotel staff to realize that the woman had arrived with her son but had left alone, prompting them to inform the police promptly.


Inspector Naik subsequently contacted the taxi driver once more, directing him to visit a nearby police station without raising any suspicions from Suchana. At that point, the taxi had already entered Chitradurga district. The taxi driver complied with the plan, which resulted in officers finding the child's body in a bag when they inspected the vehicle at the Aimangala police station in Karnataka.


On Monday night, the accused was apprehended by the Goa police in Chitradurga, Karnataka. Subsequently, on Tuesday afternoon, she was transported to Goa and appeared before a court in Mapusa town.