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Several Hospitalized, due to Chennai's gas leak

Chennai Gas Leak: The ammonia gas leak has caused a lot of destruction within people in Chennai and they have been hospitalized.

Several Hospitalized, due to Chennai's gas leak

Individuals, including children, were hospitalized on Tuesday as a result of an ammonia gas leak from a pipeline that runs from the sea to a private fertiliser company's factory in Ennore,Chennai.

The incident took place on 26th december 11:45 pm. The victims complained of dyspnea as a result of the chemical's overpowering stench.


People panicked and raced out of their houses, congregating on the roadways to seek assistance as soon as word of the gas leak spread. Officials from the fertilizer unit ,took steps to rectify the technical issue.


People found it difficult to locate cars at midnight and relied on whatever vehicles were available, such as motorcycles and autorickshaws, to go to hospitals.


An autorickshaw took an elderly woman who had been vomiting to the hospital after she fainted. Authorities also dispatched buses and ambulances to quickly transport the afflicted individuals to hospitals located numerous kilometers away from the fertilizer factory.


When locals and fisherman happened to be on the beach at midnight, they heard strange sounds and saw water spilling out of certain places above the underwater pipeline.


When Health Minister Ma Subramanian visited the Government Stanley Medical College Hospital here, he engaged with hospital administrators and spoke with patients who had been admitted from regions affected by gas leaks.


Police officers asked residents to return home since "there is no problem," reassuring them that the matter was being handled by experts.


However,agitated residents,  came in front of the fertiliser manufacturing company this morning and raised slogans followed by demanding an immediate closure of the unit!