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Soren's ED Arrest Likely by Tonight: Family Disputes, Protests, FIR on ED Officials Amidst Inquiry

Explore the escalating tensions in Jharkhand as Chief Minister Hemant Soren contends with allegations, family rifts and protests during an ED probe. Two luxury buses have reached CM Residence likely to carry MLAs to a safe place. Uncover the unfolding political drama in the state.

Soren's ED Arrest Likely by Tonight: Family Disputes, Protests, FIR on ED Officials Amidst Inquiry

Ranchi: ED officials are currently interrogating Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren in connection to an alleged money laundering case related to a land scam. In response to this development, heightened security measures have been implemented around CM Soren's residence. Prior to the questioning, the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha showcased their solidarity with the MLAs at the Chief Minister's residence. Section 144 has been enforced in the vicinity of the CM's residence as a precautionary measure. There are concerns that if Hemant Soren is apprehended, it could lead to a deterioration of the law and order situation. Enforcement Directorate had previously questioned Hemant Soren on January 20. The unfolding events prompt speculation about the potential impact on the state's political landscape.


Given the Enforcement Directorate's interrogation of CM Hemant Soren, the Jharkhand government has established a three-member team, led by the Secretary of the Finance Department, to uphold law and order in the state. The Director-General of Police (DGP) has affirmed the implementation of comprehensive security measures throughout the state, with an additional deployment of 7,000 policemen.


In response to the reported request from the ED for enhanced security during today's questioning, precautions have been taken following the significant protests that occurred when Hemant Soren was previously interrogated on January 20. Security measures include the installation of barricades outside both the ED office and the Chief Minister's residence. Moreover, more than 1,000 security personnel have been stationed at strategic locations in the city.


Arrest may be carried out liklely by tonight. In the event of CM Hemant Soren's arrest, the party has taken proactive measures to address the ensuing situation. According to reports, Kalpana Soren, the wife of Hemant Soren, is the primary candidate to assume the role of the next Chief Minister. This is further supported by the recent resignation of JMM MLA Sarfaraz Ahmed, possibly paving the way for Kalpana.


Prior to facing questioning, Hemant Soren engaged in a meeting with his father, Shibu Soren, on Wednesday morning. Additionally, Hemant Soren convened two sessions with JMM and alliance leaders on Tuesday night. It is reported that the MLAs endorsed a letter of support without specific names, fueling speculation that in the event of the Chief Minister's arrest, leadership may transition to his wife, Kalpana Soren.


Addressing the ongoing speculations surrounding Kalpana Soren, JMM MP Mahua Maji dismissed the possibility, asserting that there is no such situation expected. She emphasized a belief that the central government is allegedly orchestrating schemes to destabilize non-BJP ruled states and pave the way for its own governance. The party remains prepared to confront any conspiracies and maintains that the unity of all MLAs within the alliance will prevent such a scenario.


In a recent development, the ED team seized two BMW cars with Haryana registration numbers and ₹36 lakh from Hemant Soren's Delhi residence on Monday. JMM leaders downplayed the significance of the ₹36 lakh, considering it not to be a substantial amount. Furthermore, there are concerns among JMM leaders regarding the origin of this money, with apprehensions raised about whether it might have been planted by the ED.


Alliance MLAs expressed solidarity with the Hemant Soren government in a meeting, but concerns arose over the absence of JMM MLA Sita Soren, hinting at internal family power dynamics. Unity prevailed on the issue of perceived threats to the government.


BJP MP Nishikant Dubey accused Hemant Soren of pressuring Jharkhand High Court judges to avoid ED interrogation. Dubey claimed a lack of consensus on Kalpana Soren's name in the legislature party meeting. Hemant Soren filed an FIR against ED officials, leading to protests by JMM supporters. Jharkhand Governor CP Radhakrishnan is closely monitoring the situation, emphasizing that no one is above the law, but ruled out President's rule speculations after reviewing security arrangements.