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Dr. Vaidehi Taman: A voice to the next generation of journalism

Dr. Vaidehi Taman: A voice to the next generation of journalism
Vaidehi Taman in 2020

The media sector is dynamic, continuously evolving and redefining journalism standards. In such situations, young aspiring journalists may fail to grasp or acquire the ethics of the job. Dr. Vaidehi Taman, a journalist, editor, author, and philanthropist, has taken on the job of training the country's future reporters and newsmakers.


Vaidehi has become an inspirational voice for today's youth. Her work is commendable in the field of journalism. She has also won many awards for her work.


Vaidehi Taman began working as a journalist for the Times of India (west side plus) in 2006. In 2007, she worked as a court correspondent for the Free Press Journal before becoming city editor of the Afternoon Despatch & Courier.


She founded her own English daily newspaper, Afternoon Voice, in 2009 to return journalism to its rightful place: for and by the people. She then expanded her business with Hackers5, a specialist magazine that reports on the world of hacking and cyber security, and Mumbai Manoos, a Marathi daily.



Dr. Vaidehi Taman worked extensively in the industry and was a part of various publishing houses prior to commencing on this adventure. On Sunday, she began her freelance reporting career with top media outlets such as The Times of India and Blitz. She afterwards worked full-time at the Free Press Journal, Sunday Observer, and Afternoon Despatch & Courier.


Dr. Taman, in addition to earning a name for herself as an investigative journalist and editor, dabbled with ethical hacking. She is also a good author. As an author, she has written several unpaid books, including "Sikhism vs Sickism: Battles and Betrayals", "The Abused, Sheriff of Mumbai", "Mujhe Mera Kaam Karne Do", and "Life Beyond Complications: A biography on Sadguru Riteshwar Ji Maharaj".