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Brown Takes Center Stage: The New Black in Fashion

Fashion trends may be fleeting, but this particular one is making a lasting impression. Espresso brown isn't just any brown; it's the definitive color of the season

Brown Takes Center Stage: The New Black in Fashion

In the current season, brown takes the spotlight as the new black, and it's a trend we're wholeheartedly adopting. The particular shade captivating the attention of top fashion designers and street style icons is chocolate brown—a luscious, warm, and quintessentially autumnal color that truly seems delectable.


In recent times, there has been a revival of brown tones, with actresses such as Alia Bhatt, Janhvi Kapoor, and even Kendall and Kylie Jenner showcasing a distinct shade of brown in their appearances. Once deemed an unappealing color often linked with a librarian's attire (prior to Prada's introduction of the librarian chic trend), it has gradually ascended the color hierarchy and is now even regarded as a viable option for the red carpet.


Gone are the days when brown was confined to the realms of "librarian chic" and academic vibes. This deep, espresso-toned shade is experiencing a resurgence, confidently gracing the red carpet. Janhvi Kapoor, in particular, has effortlessly pulled off a monochromatic espresso brown ensemble, demonstrating a masterclass in style. The good news? You can easily emulate her look by experimenting with various fabric textures like suede, corduroy, and tweed.


When it comes to fashion, it's not limited to clothing alone – accessories play a crucial role. Brown leather belts, shoes, and bags are currently making a noteworthy impact. Enhance your overall appearance with brown accessories, or for a polished and professional feel, blend them with other neutrals. If you're donning brown attire, consider adding a touch of elegance with gold jewelry or accessories in earthy hues, whether sticking to classic brown leather or experimenting with bolder textures. Take inspiration from Katrina Kaif, who looks stunning in a brown and gold Sabyasachi lehenga, serving as a reminder to embrace the earthy richness of brown as you dress for the colder weather.