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Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapsed, 40 workers trapped in tunnel

Communication established with Workers: All are safe

Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapsed, 40 workers trapped in tunnel

The tunnel part broke about 200 metres before the starting site on the Silkyara side of Brahmakhal-Polgaon.


The tunnel was collapsed on Saturday, 11 November 2023 in Brahmakhal-Polgaon, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. Now Communication is established with at least 40 labourers who were trapped and they are safe. The rescue operations, led by the State Disaster Response Team (SDRF) and the local police.


"We've communicated with the 40 people who are trapped inside the tunnel." "They have informed us that all of them are safe," a rescue official stated, according to news.


According to Uttarkashi Superintendent of Police (SP) Arpan Yaduvanshi, a piece of the under-construction tunnel on the Yamunotri National Highway connecting Silkyara to Dandalgaon fell on Saturday, 11 Nov 2023.


Oxygen, food and water were sent to the trapped workers through a pipe. Large excavators and heavy machinery have been called in to clear the rubble from the caved-in section of the tunnel.


The tunnel's overall length is 4.5km (4531m), and it would connect Silkyara to Dandalgaon in Uttarkashi district. The collapse occurred approximately 270m from the Silkyara side entrance. The double-lane tunnel is one of the longest under the Char Dham all-weather road project, and it intends to cut the distance between Uttarkashi and Yamunotri Dham by 26 km. 2.3km of tunnelling work has been finished from the Silkyara end, while 1.6km of tunnelling work has been completed from the Barkot end. A 400m portion of the tunnel is still under construction.


"The rescue and debris disposal operations are moving quickly. Food has been delivered inside. We're speaking with specialists. An investigation is underway. Our top priority is to ensure that everyone gets rescued safely." said Chief minister of Uttrakhand Pushkar Singh Dhami.