Rajya Sabha Election

Sonia Finds

In the aftermath of Rahul Gandhi's controversial shift from Amethi to the supposedly safer Wayanad constituency in Kerala in 2019, Sonia Gandhi appears to be opting for a backdoor entry into the Rajya Sabha. With Mamata Banerjee, the TMC chief and Congress' INDI Alliance partner, throwing down the gauntlet and challenging the Congress to take on the BJP in Uttar Pradesh and other Hindi belt states, and Priyanka Gandhi being dared to contest against Modi in Varanasi, it seems Sonia Gandhi is not keen on safeguarding even the party's last stronghold of Raebareli—the lone seat Congress managed to secure from UP in 2019. There's already speculation that even retaining Raebareli will prove challenging for the Congress this year. The party's leadership seems to be facing various challenges and tough decisions, raising questions about their electoral strategy and stronghold maintenance.

Sonia Finds
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New Delhi: The ex-national president of the Congress party, Sonia Gandhi, is set to submit her Rajya Sabha nomination on Wednesday, which is tomorrow. However, it remains uncertain whether she will represent Himachal Pradesh or Rajasthan in the Rajya Sabha. Reports on Monday suggested the possibility of her entry through Rajasthan. Sonia Gandhi currently serves as a Lok Sabha Member of Parliament from the Rae Bareli constituency in Uttar Pradesh. Sources indicate that Abhishek Manu Singhvi might also join the Rajya Sabha. Initial discussions hinted at Sonia Gandhi choosing Himachal Pradesh for her Rajya Sabha entry. Consequently, the question arises about who will contest the Lok Sabha elections from Rae Bareli in Sonia Gandhi's stead. There is speculation that Priyanka Gandhi might be nominated for this seat, considering the historical association of the Gandhi family with it.


The Rae Bareli constituency has a rich history of political significance, having been represented by prominent figures such as Firoz Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Arun Nehru, and Sheila Kaul. Notably, all these individuals were either members of the Gandhi family or related to them. Firoz Gandhi, for instance, was the son-in-law of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, while Sheela Kaul was the wife of Kamala Nehru's brother.


Given this historical context, the Congress party is likely to maintain the tradition of fielding a candidate from the Gandhi family for this seat. Rae Bareli holds immense political importance for the Gandhis, and the party may be inclined to continue this legacy. In light of these considerations, there is a strong possibility that Priyanka Gandhi may be given the opportunity to contest from Rae Bareli.


However, as of now, the situation remains somewhat unclear, and the Congress party has not officially announced its candidate for the Lok Sabha elections in Rae Bareli. The final decision regarding the candidate for this seat is awaited and until then, the political landscape in Rae Bareli continues to be a subject of speculation.