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Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Amroha Constituency Lok Sabha Election Results 2024

BJP's Kanwar Singh Tanwar won against INC Candidate Kunwar Danish Ali. BJP's Kanwar Singh Tanwar got a total of 4,76,506. INC Candidate Kunwar Danish Ali got 4,47,836 votes. BJP's Kanwar Singh Tanwar won the seat by 2,86,70 votes.

Amroha Constituency Lok Sabha Election Results 2024
Amroha Constituency Lok Sabha Election Results 2024

Amroha Election Result Highlights: BJP's Kanwar Singh Tanwar won the Amroha constituency in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections by 476506 votes. SP Candidate Kunwar Danish Ali lost the election by a margin of 2,86,70 votes.


In Amroha Constituency 2024 Lok Sabha Election Results, BJP's Kanwar Singh Tanwar, defeated SP Candidate Kunwar Danish Ali, who received 447836 votes.



S.No. Candidate Name Party Total Votes % of Votes
1 Kanwar Singh Tanwar Bharatiya Janata Party 476506 42.9
2 Kunwar Danish Ali Indian National Congress 447836 40.3
3 Mujahid Husain Bahujan Samaj Party 164099 14.8
4 Nota Independent 5900 0.3



Amroha has the largest Kanya Gurukul not only in the country but all over the world, where the girl students have given a new identity to Amroha by winning medals in archery. International players Chetan Chauhan and Mohammed Shami have enhanced the identity of Amroha Lok Sabha, while in Bollywood, Kamal Amrohi and John Elia have brought Amroha into the literary race with their shayari.  


There are about 16 lakh voters in Maroha Lok Sabha constituency, out of which 8,29,446 voters are male and 7,14,796 are female voters. Dalit, Saini and Jat voters are in large numbers in this seat, the number of Muslim voters is above 20 per cent. The Jats, Sainis and Kharagvanshis also give an equal fight to the Muslim-Dalit combine. The Amroha Lok Sabha seat has always been held by an outsider.


Lok Sabha elections 2024: In the 2019 Amroha Lok Sabha elections, he defeated BSP's Danish Ali by 6,01,082 votes. He defeated BJP's Kanwar Singh Tanwar. The 2014 winner, Kanwar Singh Tanwar, received 5,37,834 votes. Congress candidate Sachin Chaudhary managed to get only 12,510 votes. BJP's Smriti Irani won by 4,68,514 votes, Congress's Rahul Gandhi got 4,13,394 votes and NOTA got 3,940 votes