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36 Year Old Engineer from Noida dies of heart attack while playing cricket

36 Year Old Engineer Vikash Negi dies due to hear attack while playing cricket. The incident happened on January 6, 2024 at the Arena Cricket Ground in sector 135 at approximately 11.40 a.m.

36 Year Old Engineer from Noida dies of heart attack while playing cricket

Thirty-six year old engineer Vikash Negi died while playing cricket. While batting, when he ran to take a run, he fell unconscious on the pitch itself.


After being taken to the hospital, doctors declared him dead and in the postmortem the cause of death was found to be heart attack. This video going viral on social media is a scary proof of death in sports. Thirty-six-year-old Vikas fell on the pitch while taking a run while playing amateur cricket. There was an uproar in the field. He was taken to the doctor but by then he had died. According to the information being received, Vikas was infected with COVID, but was still healthy. The question is whether Corona has any connection with his death? This question is being raised in view of many cases of heart attacks after Corona across the country.


Doctors also believe that such cases are a thing of the past. Look, it is absolutely true that post COVID the number of heart attacks has increased and somewhere or the other every day we are hearing such news in which a young adolescent child has died due to heart attack. No, but we are seeing the numbers of heart attack and some people who are complicated and do not get treatment in time, they also die.


Due to COVID, the oxygen saturation of many people was reduced and somewhere in the heart, the supply of oxygen to the heart muscles was reduced. Because of that, the heart muscles become weak, due to which there is a possibility of heart failure or heart attack. By the way, doctors are also advising that it is not only Corona patients who need to be careful.


Other people should also take care of their health. There are multiple factors due to which heart attack occurs and especially the age we used to say earlier is that heart attack occurs above fifty-five. Now that age has shifted to around twenty-five to thirty-five.


The age of every third and fourth person having a heart attack is less than thirty-five years. Every third to fourth person has hypertension. At present every third, fourth and fifth person has diabetes, so somewhere this lifestyle disease is a new one.


There is a pandemic. We should change our lifestyle, we should do yoga, exercise, control diet and work on fitness. You should do your blood sugar test regularly. The case of Noida is absolutely scary. Telling us that we all should be very conscious about our health.