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Murder of 27 year old Model ,Divya Pahuja, in Gurugram Hotel

The 27 year old model was shot dead in a hotel in Gurugram. Three men have been accused in the crime committed.

Murder of 27 year old Model, Divya Pahuja ,in Gurugram Hotel
Divya Pahuja

The 27 year former model ,Divya Pahuja, was one of the suspects in the gangster Sandeep Gadoli's gangster boyfriend's murder.


For the gangster's murder, Divya Pahuja, her mother, and five police officers were placed under custody.


According to the Mumbai Police, Gadoli was tricked by the cops in the hotel with the assistance of his partner Pahuja. Later on, he was said to have died in a fictitious incident.


Feared Gurugram gangster Sandeep Gadoli was accused of several killings and had the police on edge for more than two decades. 


On 2 January,Tuesday night, Divya Pahuja was shot in the head by five individuals who had brought her to a hotel in Gurugram.

As they were loading her body into a car to be dumped, the Gurugram police detained three of them.


The three accused men are namely  Abhijeet Singh , Hemraj and Omprakash .


According to  the Gurugram Police,Pahuja had taken explicit photos of Singh and was extorting money from him.


She used to frequently extort large sums of money from Abhijeet Singh for expenses.


Singh and Pahuja arrived at Hotel City Point on January 2, 2024. Abhijeet Singh allegedly, shot her dead after she refused to give up her phone's password.


It is anticipated that the three apprehended defendants will appear in court. An inquiry into the murder is still ongoing.