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Agnikul Cosmos Launches First Rocket in India, Backed by ISRO

Agnikul Cosmos, a Chennai startup, has achieved a historic feat with the successful launch of their first rocket, Agnibaan. This accomplishment is a combined effort, showcasing the dedication of Agnikul's engineers and the vital support provided by ISRO. The Agnibaan test flight, powered by a semi-cryogenic engine, paves the way for a future of collaboration between established space agencies and agile startups in India.

Agnikul Cosmos Launches First Rocket in India, Backed by ISRO

A Chennai-based startup, Agnikul Cosmos, has etched its name in Indian space history with the successful launch of its rocket, Agnibaan. This achievement is a testament to both the unwavering support of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the determined spirit of the young engineers behind Agnikul.


First Steps, Giant Leaps


Founded in 2017 by two passionate aerospace engineers, Agnikul Cosmos dreamt of creating a platform for "people to learn to use fire," referring to the power of rocket propulsion. Incubated at IIT Madras, their journey wasn't without hurdles. The recently launched Agnibaan was their first test flight, attempted after four previous launch plans were scrubbed due to technical glitches.


Agnibaan Takes flight 


This test flight, named Agnibaan SOrTeD, marked a significant milestone for private space endeavors in India. Lifting off from Sriharikota and plunging into the Bay of Bengal, the 6.2-meter, 575 kg rocket was powered by a unique semi-cryogenic engine. This innovative engine uses a combination of commercially available aviation turbine fuel (similar to kerosene) and medical-grade liquid oxygen, making it a potentially cost-effective solution.


ISRO's Crucial Role


ISRO's backing proved instrumental in Agnikul's success. Their support provided the fledgling startup with the necessary infrastructure and expertise to navigate the complexities of space launch procedures. This win marks a significant moment for India's burgeoning private space sector, demonstrating the potential for fruitful collaboration between established institutions and agile startups.


The Road Ahead


With this successful launch, Agnikul Cosmos has taken a giant leap forward. Their vision is to develop a launch vehicle capable of carrying small satellites into low-earth orbit. This achievement serves as a stepping stone for India's private space ambitions and paves the way for further innovation in the coming years.