Face Masks mandatory for people above 60 in Karnataka

Wearing facemasks have been made mandatory for people of the age above 60 in Karnataka after there was a spike that was observed in the cases of Covid-19 in Kerala because of a new sub variant.

Face Masks mandatory for people above 60 in Karnataka

The pandemic had taken a toll on people’s lives in 2020 and made people lose many of their close ones. The first case begun in Kerala itself where a 20-year-old female had symptoms of dry cough and sore throat.


Covid-19 also popularly known as the coronavirus disease caused by The SARS-CoV-2 virus, which makes it an infectious disease that affects the respiratory system. Most infected individuals recover with mild to moderate symptoms and do not require specific treatment, but others develop severe symptoms and need medical attention.



On Monday, the Karnataka government contemplated making face masks required for individuals over 60 and those with medical disorders like respiratory and cardiac problems. Tuesday's meeting of the Karnataka Covid-19 Technical Advisory Committee is slated to address the implications of the recently discovered Covid-19 sub variant, which was discovered in Kerala, a neighboring state.  According to state health minister Dinesh Gundu Rao, the government would release new Covid-19 recommendations.


It has been made mandatory due to the experiences that the country had faced and therefore it is important to bring light to such issues before things can go out of hand. Thus, people should understand the consequences of not taking matters like these not seriously.


So,make others aware and wear your masks!