Bhavishya Malika Puran and 2024 Predictions: A Review by Bru Times

2024 Forecast by Bhavishya Malika Puran: 23 Prophecies by Saint Sri Achyutananda Das. This book is for the whole human kind and it describes when and how the kali yuga will end, mentioning 23 prophecies that will follow

Bhavishya Malika Puran and 2024 Predictions: A Review

2024 Predictions and Prophecies


Around 500 years ago, during the sixteenth century, Orissa witnessed the presence of five eminent saints: Saint Achyutananda Das, Saint Ananta Das, Saint Jasovanta Das, Saint Jagannath Das, and Saint Balaram Das. Collectively referred to as the "Panchsakha," these revered figures significantly influenced the spiritual literature and philosophy within the Vaishnava tradition of Orissa, leaving an enduring impact on the region's spiritual landscape.


Bhavishya Malika Puran is translated into Hindi language by Pandit Shri Kashinath Mishra in 2023.


The renowned sages Achyutanandas and Panchsakha of Odisha authored the book, Bhavishya Malika. While numerous books worldwide claim to predict the future, the Bhavishya Malika stands out as exceptionally accurate, supported by evidence from global occurrences. These predictions, inscribed on palm leaves, offer a unique and reliable perspective on future events.


Among the esteemed saints, Saint Achyutananda possessed extraordinary abilities to perceive the past, present, and future. The composition of the Bhavishya Malika on palm leaves is credited to these sages. Although the Bhavishya Malika Granth contains numerous significant predictions, a majority of the 318 books focused on the future were authored by Saint Achyutananda Das. It is widely believed that he harnessed his Yog Shakti, the power of meditation, to articulate these predictions.


The Bhavishya Mallika Purana is a sacred text that unfolds when the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Mahavishnu, descends to Earth with the divine intention of uplifting and re-establishing Dharma. Before His arrival, this Purana provides intricate details about His birth, the celestial deeds He will undertake, His interactions with devotees, the prevailing state of the world at that time, and how He will reinstate righteousness, guiding humanity through different eras (Yugas). The purpose behind such revelations is to enable mankind to embrace the teachings outlined in the Vedas, follow a path of righteousness, and seek the protection of the Divine.


This Purana serves the entire human race, detailing the conclusion of the Kali Yuga and providing insights into the means by which individuals can safeguard themselves amidst the impending crisis.


The book, as its title implies, outlines a sequence of forecasts concerning the future of the world.


1. Farmers will stop farming work


2. The Earth's axis will change. There will be many earthquakes after this.


3. There will be an impression of two suns in the sky. This will be a celestial body that will fall into the Bay of Bengal and the submergence of Odisha is anticipated.


4. The sea water level will rise and water will reach up to the 22nd step of the Jagannath temple. Then Devotees will transport the Lord's idol to Chatiyabata.


5. A period of seven days of darkness is prophesied to envelop the Earth, attributed to natural disasters occurring on the planet. The speculation suggests that this event is slated to transpire sometime between 2022 and 2029.


6. The Third World War will begin when Saturn enters Aquarius.


7. The third Vishwayudh is anticipated to endure for 6 years and 6 months. During this time, China is predicted to ally with 13 Islamic nations, launching an offensive against India. In the concluding 13 months of the conflict, India is prophesied to actively engage in the war, emerging victorious in a battle that becomes distinctly its own. India is foreseen not only to conquer its adversaries permanently but also to ascend as a global leader, establishing itself as the world's guide.


8. The last king of India is envisioned to be a formidable Hindu ruler, embodying the qualities of a yogi without progeny. Possessing the wisdom to govern the world, he is prophesied to adeptly foster global harmony through the principles of Dharma.


9. In that era, the ultimate king of Odisha is predicted to be the Gajapati. Concurrently, the arrival of Lord Kalki is foreseen, and he is anticipated to lend support to India during the impending war.


10. A large portion of America will be submerged underwater. China will break into many pieces. The name and trace of Pakistan will be erased. The collaboration with Pakistan is expected to progressively diminish the ability to assert dominance. Russia is predicted to transform into a Hindu nation, while Europe will find itself unable to engage in warfare, with a significantly reduced population.


11. Almost the entire population of Europe will be destroyed. In the end, Russia will achieve success. The coming incarnation will subdue victorious Russia


12. Mortality will sweep through the populace akin to insects, resulting in a drastic reduction of the global population to a mere 640 million. China is prophesied to face destruction.


13. Bhavishya Malika predicts a post-2025 era marked by disasters, where only those adhering to the paths of truth and religion will endure.


14. In the Kannada-translated predictions, Achyutananda Das foretells challenges for India, especially when Saturn transitions into Pisces in 2024, leading to a tumultuous period.


15. When Saturn enters Pisces, it will remain there for two and a half years. According to the prophecy, the reins of the country will be in the hands of a saint who will be unmarried.


16. A nationwide highway linking Jagannathpuri is envisioned to materialize. Stones are prophesied to descend from the summit of the Lord Jagannath temple, causing the temple door to collapse. Simultaneously, a natural calamity is predicted to lead to the submergence of Nilanchal (Jagannath) into the depths of the ocean.


17. Elders and teachers will be disrespected and hypocrites will mislead people by posing as religious leaders.


18. Over time, the count of believers will diminish, leading to a world divided among atheists. Unnatural relationships are anticipated, where men will engage intimately with men, and women with women.


19. Dwellings of humans will face assaults from animals. In the impending times, Bhimdutt will manifest among both humans and animals.


20. Each day, nature will unleash havoc, with people grappling with peculiar epidemics and diseases. The anguish will drive people away, and inflation will fuel protests among the populace.


21. As Kalyug concludes, the life-giving sun will transform into a life-taking force. Lord Jagannath will traverse the entire Earth wielding a twelve-handed sword, eliminating those with malicious intent. The termination of all beings will mark the conclusion of Kalyug. Kalki, entrusted with the care of God, will bear the name Chakramani or Chakradhar, with Vishnu Sharma as his father. Sambhal village is situated in both Uttar Pradesh and Odisha.


22. In the Mahabharata war, none were excluded from the conflict, as all the warriors desired to engage in battle. Their unfulfilled wishes are projected to find fruition in the depths of Kalyug with the advent of Kalki Avatar. Notably, Lord Balram refrained from participating in the war, and it is foreseen that he will emerge towards the conclusion of Kalyug, reigniting the unfinished Mahabharata conflict.


23. Following this, 1,000 years of tranquility will ensue.

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