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Bru Times is an Independent news and media website headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is India's first advertisement free website. The website only containing factual news stories with latest update. Instead of giving you advertisements, BT gives you the news based on the facts. Bru Times is a daily news platform published news on politics, business, social, sports, science, entertainment, technology, local and world news.


Our goal is to deliver unbiased, trustworthy, and fact-based worldwide reporting. Helping citizens deal with the most pressing issues in their life is our mission. We are the explorers of truth, the guardians, and the pioneers.


Our dedication to careful and exacting examination is highly regarded and acknowledged. We're not simply a news network; we're a platform for people to express themselves, share their stories, and uncover hidden truths.

Anyone can write on this platform for the people, and anyone can even become a journalist by presenting news stories based on facts. Writing to contact@brutimes.com is an option.